Our parabolic reflector or dish antennas provide extremely high gains with very sharp beam widths. These antennas are designed to provide the best gain figures throughout the required band and for the specific application where the antenna will be used. Parabolic antenna will enhance point-to-point link performance by reducing noise and will also reduce impact on adjacent RF devices by removing the side radiation from the antenna. Also our antennas can withstand wind loads up to 200 km/hr, thus protecting antenna reflector and feed from harsh environment conditions. Parabolic Reflector antennas have excellent front to back ratio. It is ideally suited for long range highly directional applications.

The construction features a corrosion free Marine/Mil grade aluminum reflector grid/solids for superior strength and light weight properties. The open-frame grid design minimizes wind loading.They are constructed of an aluminum alloy dish with powder coat paint finish for excellent mechanical, electrical and environmental performance. The parabolic reflector is made with a special one-step molding technology which achieves excellent consistency and long term stability.

An optional fiberglass radome is available for added environmental protection and reduced wind loading.
The antenna can be supplied with a tilt and swivel mast mount kit as well. This allows installation at various degrees of incline for easy alignment.

Moreover, due to it’s superb electrical performance and mechanical stability, the parabolic reflector antennas can be used in a wide variety of high performance wireless communications (V/UHF) applications in ground/base stations. Also, these antennas are designed to transmit or receive in the frequency range from S,C band up to the Ku, Ka bands.

We are open to innovative ideas and will customize our products as per the specific needs of the customer.