Spectrum offer wide range of Helical Antennas for ground/land applications for numerous commercial and defense applications.

The Helical Antenna is found in the shape of a helix wounded by conducting wire. A ground plane support the antenna and also improves its performance.

Helical antennas can operate in one of two principal modes namely normal mode or axial mode. Also the design consists of copper wires with constant pitch. These wires are orientated clockwise or anticlockwise to provide circular polarization either left hand circular polarization(LHCP) or right hand circular polarization(RHCP).

Our helical antenna product range consists of light weight antennas operating from VHF up to 6 GHz band.Also, they are well suited to meet the lightweight requirements of UAV and weapon system applications, without compromising on electrical performance. The rugged and reliable structure provides the antenna all mechanical integrity to with stand the adverse environmental conditions.

These antennas are widely used in GPS navigation,TV, Satellite communication, and also for electronic warfare applications.

We are open to innovative ideas and will customize our products as per the specific needs of the customer.